Ronnie's Most Requested Keynotes and

Strategic Work Sessions

The Power of Deliberate Listening

When an angry reader began cursing her out over the phone, Ronnie had an epiphany: Magic happens when we temporarily suspend our right to be right and just listen, even when we are certain that person is wrong. The experience sent her on a quest to understand the true meaning of what she calls “deliberate listening”  - hearing others out, especially when it seems impossible, in order to maintain or reclaim connection. Ronnie identifies the ten barriers to deliberate listening, teaches how to remove them and shows, through powerful stories, what's possible when we commit to a new way of being with members of the many worlds we inhabit - our workplaces, communities and families. This presentation restores hope to those who are disheartened by the vitriol that divides us - and instills faith in their ability to change it, one conversation at a time.


Re-write Your Story to Re-right Your Life

We live our lives through stories - the ones we tell others, and the ones we tell ourselves. When things feel wrong, it's usually because of the limiting story we're telling about whatever is causing all that discomfort or strife. In this empowering, enlightening and joyful session, Ronnie teaches non-journalists – be they bosses or employees, or parents, families and community leaders - how to use the most pragmatic elements of news gathering to re-write their stories in ways that re-right their lives.

What If It's Always the End of the Tunnel?

You know the popular analogy that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel? In this remarkable call to action, Ronnie busts that analogy wide open by sharing how belief in the dark tunnel can actually keep us from ever seeing the light. She uses data and deeply reported, inspiring tales from business people, elected leaders, community organizers and everyday sages to reframe the ways we experience adversity. Attendees leave this presentation energized and eager to put this startling insight to work in their own lives.