Ronnie Polaneczky is an award-winning journalist who uses her deep listening and reporting skills to bring life to stories about what matters to us the most: Our families. Our communities. Our work. Fairness, respect and accountability from those in power.


She’s adept at seeing the unexpected ways that decisions and actions – our own and others’, deliberate or unintended – impact our everyday lives and well-being.


She has interviewed cops and robbers, sports heroes and media villains. Exposed parking abuses. Shone a light on public-school crises and municipal disgraces. Excoriated sinners and celebrated saints (click here to read her columns.)


In her TEDx talk, “The Power of Deliberate Listening,” (click here to watch) Ronnie makes the point that the social engagement of the digital world has actually created conditions for social estrangement, encouraging us to substitute judgment for curiosity and to hold on with a death grip “our right to be right.” What has gotten lost, she says, is our willingness to be who we really are, “in all of our glorious, messed-up, imperfect humanity.”


Ronnie brings these insights and more to her work as a public speaker, onstage interviewer and emcee whose warmth, smarts, honesty and humor quickly engage and connect her with audiences – and audience members with each other.




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Ronnie interviews U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand at the National Constitution Center